Floating Devices

 LI: To write an imaginative recount using the TIES structure.

Once upon a time there was a group of people in a laboratory that had a lot of devices we had an idea to throw them all and they all crashed on the ground and they had a idea to make something and they went on a car and went.

First, they went up to the galaxy and then the milky way and they dropped it and they all started to float in the air cause its called gravity said Zahra. So they tried to catch all of them . but all of them just kept moving away so they could not catch them all.
But they had an idea , they went back down to earth and got a hundred more devices and went back to space to do it again and catch it all. So they tried it to catch it again and this time it actually worked.

Next, they went back into the spaceship and went back to earth because they were starving so much. They went to taco bell and ate a lot of tacos after that they went to mc donalds and ate so many fries, burgers and coke. Then after they went to wendys and ate much more. Then one of them started to puke and needed to go to the bathroom then had diarrhea and came back out after two hours then zahra said damn boy that was sooo long.
Then, they went to sleep after a loooong day.


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